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"Walking into work should be more than a daily routine. It should spark creativity and new ways of thinking. We believe a workplace can create as much energy as it takes from people when it’s carefully considered and looks great, when the tech works and wellness is designed into how a space looks, feels and functions. We believe amazing work happens every day, when you walk into wonderful."

Tom and Wes - Workplace partners

Workspace that works

About us

They call us Tom & Wes

They call us Tom and Wes

Two friends, two minds, one vision. Our journey started long before the company. We’ve witnessed the evolution of the workplace over many years, and have helped deliver space and design solutions for countless people and businesses during our combined 30 years in the industry. The time came when our desire to bring a different perspective forced us to act. The Workplace Partner was born.

We believe that with considered, intelligent analysis, small changes can bring big improvements. Through our core pillars of design, tech, furniture and wellness, we deliver progressive, imaginative solutions that blend creativity and practicality and unleash the potential of your environment.

Culture matters

We’ve always known that the right culture can breed success. With an approach designed to get the best out of people and places, the word culture is always at the centre of our conversations. Everything we do is an extension of that culture, beginning with how we treat our own employees and ending with how our customers describe The Workplace Partner experience to others.

Positive workplace culture attracts talent, drives engagement, impacts happiness and satisfaction, and unlocks better performance. By targeting specific aspects of your workplace, we can help create the right foundations on which to build your company culture. It’s how we’re building ours too.

"We believe in value"

Our core values are more than just words. They're a way of life, guiding how we interact with our employees, how we interact with our customers and community, and how we interact with our business partners.

Consistent Excellence
Genuine Partnerships
Infectious Obsession
Integrity, Honesty, Humility
Embrace Change

Inspire productivity

Our services

At TWP we believe the route to a complete, holistic workplace ecosystem is to look at it through the different elements that make it up – and how they work in harmony to create a space that reflects your business. This is the only way to analyse, understand, strategise and execute a space solution that truly captures your workplace vision.

With our depth of knowledge and commitment to deliver, we work to understand not just who you are but what you want to be and why. Applying the lens of each of our key pillar services, we gain insight into all aspects of who you currently are and then make the small decisions that deliver big impacts or the big decisions that create gigantic shifts.

Four pillars we live by


We believe in creating workplaces that are wholly fit for purpose, that empower your people, and support your business to not just survive, but thrive. Design can do this. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, our knowledge of designing, procuring and delivering turnkey projects will put your mind at ease. We work closely with your team to provide a bespoke workplace solution and our expertise, enthusiasm and attention to detail mean you and your team can enjoy the design and build process alongside us, as workplace partners.


When you get it right, furniture is the element that makes a great-looking space a wonderful environment to be in. Furniture solutions need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They need to deliver on comfort, offer flexibility, be fit for purpose and robust. Working alongside multiple furniture manufacturers means we’re able to cater to many varieties of businesses. From soft, collaborative furnishings, to flexible workstations, we’ll work with you to deliver the correct solution


Technology is a critical enabler of the workplace – and when it doesn’t work properly or well enough, it can cripple productivity. The changing world of work also means technology needs to support your people within and outside of your workplace. And it needs to create a seamless experience for clients too. By analysing your existing configuration, our team will review, recommend and install solutions to meet your business needs and optimise your setup, whether it’s IT, smart tech, safety and security or AV.


Wellness at work is the right to work in a manner that is healthy, motivating, edifying and improves the wellbeing of ourselves and others. Studies have shown that wellness programmes can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by as much as 80 percent. To unlock these gains, we take a holistic approach, considering the physical, social and emotional aspects of wellness to empower your people and enhance your workplace. By understanding the measures you have in place for wellness and the value you want to create, we can tailor and deliver ongoing initiatives that give your people the opportunity to flourish, individually and collectively.

Make things happen

Our process

From the first moment we speak, through to the end of a bespoke project, we believe the journey we embark on together should be enjoyed. Whether it’s re-evaluating your current set up or a full-on office move, we stick to our processes because we know they work. We love creating for our partners and working with them to achieve their vision. Our ongoing commitment to clients means the process never really stops. Regular interaction combined with the constant evolution of the workspace gives us the opportunity to nurture our partnerships and forge long term relationships.

Choose the right option for your business below

1. Consultation

Whether on the phone or in person, we will talk to understand your requirements and assess your new space. Once we’ve gathered your brief we will start putting ideas onto paper.

2. Space Plan

The layout of the space is integral to the functionality of your company. It starts with an in-depth analysis of how the space is to be used, after which our team will work on a variety of different options before finding the best solutions to suit your people. We’ll review these options together and refine until we find the right plan.

3. Design

Our design team take inspiration from everywhere, and by working alongside our clients we get to work on designing a truly bespoke workplace that captures their brand and fulfils their requirements. The team are looking at more than meets the eye. Over and above the interior finishes, we know the effect that ergonomics, acoustics and sustainability, to name a few, have within a workplace, and that’s why these all have a part to play. We then start turning concepts into reality by using 3D visualisation and creating detailed samples packs.

4. Programme

Every project is different and therefore requires a tailored program to deliver. We use tried and tested methods to develop a plan that minimises the impact the move will have on your business. Detailed project plans are produced and timelines are set and agreed.

5. Build

From the first day on-site, our dedicated team are in place to oversee and manage your project. The site is set up and prepared, ensuring strict health and safety measures are met. Your dedicated project manager will run the documented weekly site meetings. This provides regular updates so you can see first-hand the transformation. Our experience brings with it expectation, we hold a high standard for our delivery and we hand back sites that we are proud of.

6. Support

We see the end of the build process as the beginning of an on-going partnership. Our team are always on hand to respond as your business evolves. We work to build strong relatonships and that means when you need us we are there.

1. Workplace Assessment

The TWP Audit is a free health check on your workplace environment, providing a snapshot of how design, furniture, tech and wellness are working, and how well they align with one other. It starts with a phone consultation to discover your needs and issues, followed by a visit where we gain a deeper understanding of your space, people and business. Through this process we identify areas that can be optimised and where small changes can make a big impact.

2. Strategy

Our team analyses the audit data and gets to work on developing solutions. We look outside of your business to research the latest trends in your sector, building a blueprint of where you are and where we believe you should be going. All of this gets pulled together into a detailed strategy in preparation for a big reveal of our insights, recommendations, proposition, costs and benefits. Our approach is insight-led and creative, ensuring that the four pillars of our approach work together to unlock the potential in your work environment.

3. Delivery

What is a great strategy without flawless execution? Once we’ve agreed on the strategic roadmap, the delivery of your bespoke project gets underway. This begins with a meticulous planning process to work out details and timelines, and ends with sign off, where we set things in motion and get ready for implementation. Through our trusted partners we procure using tried and tested methods and always with quality and value in mind. We are obsessive on detail, going above and beyond to ensure smooth and seamless implementation of all services.

4. Measure

At TWP, the real work starts once the project is delivered. Our whole ethos and purpose is based on the idea of a partnership and helping our clients evolve, grow, and get the most out of our services. With ongoing health checks and a dedicated team leader as standard, through to our newsletters, special offers and knowledge sharing, we see you as part of our team. Consistency, communication and collaboration sit at the heart of our culture and values.

passion and dedication

We have been instructed several times by The Workplace Partner to design, install and maintain audio visual, video conferencing and security systems for a number of their commercial clients. I have been working closely with Westley and Tom for a while now and from day one, they have always demonstrated enthusiasm, dedication, knowledge, integrity and above all, passion. Their commitment to their clients is second to none. Coupled with meticulous attention to detail and excellent management of the construction process, they have delivered time and time again.   Whenever we are approached by The Workplace Partner, we know that it’s going to be an enjoyable and successful journey. We particularly like the level of organisation throughout the project; we know that we will have a set of drawings, project timelines, and constant communication, which all add up to a smooth process from inception to completion. I can’t recommend Westley and Tom enough. They are trusted partners, reliable and capable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to introduce them to any person within my network.

Tas Kyriacou


friendly, professional and integral

The Workplace Partner helped us with the design and build of our 1st premises. Being a new venture and due to the sheer scale of the project, it was quite a nerve racking experience but working with The Workplace Partner helped to alleviate all our fears. They took the time to explain things in detail and helped us come up with cost effective solutions to some difficult problems. It took us nearly 2 years to find a location but they were patient and came with us on that journey. The build was completed on time and to a great standard, and the team were flexible to certain changes we had to make along the way. After handing over, they were very responsive in fixing any problems that occurred on site.  They were friendly, professional and integral. We’re looking to a phase 2 fit out on our premises in the near future and we know exactly who we’re going to!


foxin a box

Absolutely recommend

Ambitious and accountable. We really couldn't be happier with the outcome, our project was realised down to the last detail. Look no further for a team to partner and develop your vision.

Rafe Burchell


we'll be back

An absolute pleasure. Workspace needs to work for employees as much as it does the business. TWP were passionate about the process from start to finish, driving us forward in this exciting new phase.

Melanie Blythe

Creative partner

efficient and professional service

I was given the task of mobilisation along with design, build and fit-out of our new HQ in Shoreditch earlier this year from January 2021. Due to the size of the project, the obvious issues of time constraints, budget restrictions and the complications that we faced due to issues around both COVID and BREXIT, we searched for the right company to assist in terms of an inclusive and comprehensive build and design solution. After meeting a number of companies we chose to work with Tom and Westley from The Workplace Partner. We felt comfortable with their initial plan with regard to the overall project and our instincts proved to be correct. They provided an efficient and professional service throughout and delivered the finished article to deadline, which was no mean feat in these current times. Should the opportunity arise to work with them once again, we would have no hesitation to do so.

Kevin Hilton

Excel Esports

always inventive and professional

From the beginning of the process we always found The Workplace Partner to be the ones driving the process forward, rather than us having to chase after them. In the past, other fit-out companies have left us feeling like our project was “small fry” and found it difficult to get the attention we needed, but Tom and Westley were always on hand and we never had a problem getting replies from them. They were always attentive to our individual requirements, and kept us in the loop. We also love the design – just the right balance between modern and professional.

Martyn Townsend

Page, White & Farrer

high level of workmanship

It has been a pleasure to partner with The Workplace Partner (TWP) on the recent refit to our Leicester Square offices. TWP provided a professional service at all times. They kept us up to date with the progress of the project, whilst ensuring that we were part of the decisions. They were adaptable when required, and provided a high level of workmanship at all times. I thoroughly recommend them and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Sophie Wilkinson

Director of Operations – House of Hearst

fast, efficient - no suprises

The Workplace Partner delivers a fast, efficient service. The team were very professional, on time and tidy. The written quote provided was accurate (no surprises during installation). The standard of finish is very high and they delivered what was agreed. Most of the work was done out of business working hours. However, the work conducted during business hours did not affect our day to day access. We would recommend. 

Trudy Simpson

Office Manager - Makor Securities

keeps us coming back for more

Having worked with Westley and Tom on three separate design and build projects over the last 10 years, I am in a position to comfortably recommend their services. Their professionalism, friendly nature and attention to detail is what keeps us coming back for more.

Su-Yen Foong

Energy UK

outstanding design

We used The Workplace Partner for the full refurbishment of our industrial unit that we purchased. The condition of the property was average to say the least. Working along side their team, we produced an outstanding design that incorporated all the aspects we wanted to introduce to our new home. The delivery was smooth, snag free and it was a pleasure to work alongside them. If you are looking for a dedicated, hard working team for your office fit out, then look no further.

Tom Cella

Kinetic IT

This and that...


On cloud 9 - July
The Workplace Partner has completed a refurbishment project for a cloud-based service provider in West London during these unprecedented times. With strict guidelines in place due to COVID-19, we delivered within a controlled timeline to avoid unnecessary risk to their teams and ours. Under unique circumstances, we worked closely with the facilities team on site to ensure a smooth, safe and successful project. A true learning curve for all involved.

The full works - June
The Workplace Partner has delivered a cat B interior design and build project for a private client outside of London. The 3,000 sq/ft site required a full cat A and cat B refurbishment, including a new raised access floor, ceiling and air conditioning to meeting rooms, private offices and design features. The client was delighted with the outcome and so are we…

August News: Going undercover
Working alongside NG Bailey, the UK's leading independent engineering and services business, TWP have undertaken a refurbishment for the Ministry of Defence. With strict deadlines in place military style planning was required to ensure a smooth delivery for this high profile client. NG Bailey said that TWP completed ‘a professional job which has been commented on by high ranking people within the Army’ TWP look forward future opportunities between us.

Jan News: TWP deliveroo’ing again…..
Working alongside their facilities management team, TWP have been instructed to supply and install a new heating system into the Roo HQ. With a 40,000 sq ft space full of furniture, the planning and logistics will be crucial to the project. We see this as a major win and are thrilled and excited to be improving quality and environments within the workplace and developing our ties within this company and industry. Track our progress as we bring the heat back to the Deliveroo team.

Feb news: Visit Britain
Visit Britain not only finds great places in England but also in their partner selection. TWP have secured a full CATA refurbishment of an entire Victorian building in the prestigious SW1 postcode. The listed building has meant attention to detail in all corners of the project and we are excited to be partnering with this high profile government agency in a very short deadline. During these trying times it is good to be backing British and all we can say is Visit Britain and visit TWP.

March News: The sky isn’t the limit….
The Workplace Partner have been appointed to refurbish the Rocket HQ in Kensington. This high profile music agency, owned by the legend that is Sir Elton John, have decided to implement new ways of working and came to us to help them achieve their vision. We're delighted to be working with the Rocket team and can't wait for the project to take off!

March News: In it to win it!
TWP have secured an amazing opportunity to work with one of the founding partners of the LEC, Europe’s most watched esports league. The complete catB refurbishment of a two floor space in trendy Clerkenwell was awarded to TWP after a competitive pitch. The reason TWP won? The passion, drive, commitment and desire to become stronger, greater and better alongside our new and super exciting partner, XL. We strive to be adaptive, dynamic and push the boundaries of what can be done. Our attitude of over servicing our clients has really shone through here and we are excited to nurture our relationship with this exciting and growing epsorts leader, XL.

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