Focus, family and flexibility


As time goes on it is becoming evident that the WFH dilemma is going to be more ingrained into the ‘new normal’ of working.

There are positives of WFH and it is important not to lose sight of these and to embrace the WFH culture, ensuring you not only survive at home but thrive. If you embrace the positive and let the negative connotations gradually disappear, you’ll see increased happiness and a more productive work balance.

The key to a successful WFH program is to fully immerse yourself with the fact that this is here to stay for the moment and to accept it with open arms. The general consensus was that people were pushing to have a more even balance of working in the office and working from home, and all this has done is accelerate this concept. The key now is to learn what works best for individuals and carry that through once a greater sense of normality resumes.

Below are some important positive factors associated with WFH

-         Removal of travel time and the ‘rat race’ culture

-         WFH investment from your company

-         Cuts down wasted time and unnecessary meetings

-         More focused work time

-         More quality time to spend with family and friends

-         Increase in people’s empowerment and sense of responsibility

-         Expands the talent pool

-         Helps the environment with reduced travel

-         Saves employees money on food, clothes and travel

-         Increased leisure time

Whilst we do not know what the ‘new normal’ looks like, we do know that WFH is here to stay for now and needs to be embraced. Get in contact with TWP to discuss how we can help you improve your setup, needs and requirements and to empower YOU to be better, do better and engage in the WFH culture