Mental wellness investment


The impact of COVID has highlighted a real need for workplace wellness ideas and programs which are more diverse, personal and accessible to all.

Solutions for mental wellness will be the futures biggest need. 2/3 of the UK adult population are feeling worried and anxious but there is very little focus and support for employees, and sometimes even a stigma surrounding the ability to be able to comfortably talk about it to employers.

Technology is playing a big part in the drive for future change. The innovation in digital mental wellness platforms will enable more affordable and relatable products.

Companies such as Snapchat have partnered with Headspace to enable new tools surrounding mental wellness. Pinterest released amazing data which saw record searches around mental wellness concepts, with meditation up 44%, gratitude up 60%, and positivity up 42%. Searches around bringing wellness into the home, stress relief, and exercise all saw huge gains.

We were already facing employee burnout and a mental health crisis pre-pandemic, and the pandemic has simply expedited the need to do something and do it now! With talk of companies pushing employees even harder at home and blurring the lines between on & off, it is imperative that more offerings are widely available for all and that employers start investing into programs and solutions.

More companies will adopt a human-focused and solutions-oriented mindset, with the rise in a more conscious, empathetic style of leadership that not only helps people feel safe but motivated, supported and actually cared for. If we don’t have this leadership change now, it will have serious consequences on the workplace.

The key facts speak for themselves  

-         Mental health start-ups saw over $1B in funding in H1’20

-         Investor attention to digital & at-home wellness solutions has grown in the wake of Covid-19

-         Fulfilling the need for connection and community is coming to the forefront

Good mental health is an asset and is linked to good physical health, positivity and productivity – all of which support positive social and economic outcomes for individuals and workplaces. With the growing technology era and the ability to carry out tasks and personal improvement at home, the technology should be fully utilised to enable people to get what they need.