The future of open plan


A dramatic shift is taking place. Designing shared spaces is vitally important so people can use these spaces to compliment their changing working desires and needs.

The shift is moving towards a collection of bright, diverse spaces that can really enable people to gain multi use and ensure creativity and collaboration while delivering on productivity.

Companies no longer need convincing that the workplace is a powerful lever for attracting and retaining talent. The workplace is required to deliver much more than just a desk these days, it is a key driver to enable collaboration, creativity, innovation and supporting a variety of work modes from focus to teamwork.

Recent research confirms that what people really want is function and a formula for designing casual, shared spaces where people can actually work

The six key drivers that increase the use of shared spaces are

-         Task orientated amenities

-         Working surfaces

-         Access to power

-         Privacy

-         Permission

-         Location

Considering how these key drivers support each other is at the heart of enabling people to do their best work and ensuring people can focus, socialise, collaborate, learn and recover.

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