Wellbeing in the workplace


The pandemic has made it painfully clear that wellbeing in the workplace is in jeopardy and needs focus. It has had a negative impact on mental health and employees needing more support.

The cost for not addressing employee’s wellbeing cumulate to an impact reaching the billions of pounds – from lower motivation and work productivity, to increased mental health services and anxiety.

To truly build a more resilient workforce from 2021 and beyond, employers should prioritise wellbeing, which is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. Wellbeing can be achieved with our mind, body and sense of purpose leading us to feel positive about ourselves and with our lives.

3 key aspects that businesses should be doing are: -

-         Treating wellbeing as measurable outcome

-         Embrace wellbeing as continuous actions and daily behaviours

-         Being open to discussing wellbeing and backing it up with action


Wellbeing is a daily intention that can be enhanced by several practices and habits with forward thinking companies embracing it as an index for change and improvement.

Employers who want to build a workplace with wellbeing as a priority should treat it as a growth priority which includes: -

-         Creating a benchmark

-         Implement processes to measure progress

-         Using assessments and measures which can be improved over time

-         To integrate wellbeing practices into the culture of the business


The best wellbeing practices empower employees to find the right mix of tools and experiences to fit their needs. Creating options is critical because one size does not fit all with wellbeing, so it is imperative to make people feel included and any barriers are removed.

Providing a platform where employees feel that they can talk about wellbeing and mental health issues is imperative. This starts with senior leaders who must nurture and support individuals own wellbeing needs and wants.

Creating workplaces that empower employees to prioritise themselves and talk openly about their wellbeing and issues will go a long way to improving the wellbeing of a business. There must be investment from companies to provide a multitude of options which are available to all.

Please don’t hesitate to talk with The Workplace Partner about the different options available and how we can help enable and measure workplace wellness moving forward.