Ready for a shake up?


What does the future of offices look like?

Many people have opined on the new look of office spaces in the post-Covid era. From more flexible leases to landlord fitted out space, there are differing expectations for how the market will change.

The overwhelming feeling is that more people are going to be working from home regularly. The impact could be smaller offices but with smarter design. If these strange times have taught us anything it is to make the most of what you have. And the same can be said for your workplace. By using smart, innovate ways to transform workspaces, companies will ensure they are getting the best value from their space.

Only time will tell which direction the workplace will take, however, we do know that there will be a major shake up within the industry. We are excited about the new opportunities to come from this, while also being sympathetic to the tough decisions and compromises that people are going to need to make.

Talk to us about your thoughts on the future of the workplace and let’s see if we can create something together.