Ergonomic furniture


Why is ergonomic furniture important?

Ergonomic means that special focus has been given to the design to provide the best possible fit for the user, environment and the task at hand. Considered selection of your workplace furniture can directly contribute to your employees wellbeing and their productivity.

Research suggests that allowing employees flexibility in office furniture and workstations, in terms of both the adjustability of equipment as well as different working options, benefits organisations. It can improve attendance, job satisfaction and therefore attendance. Having poorly fitting office furniture has linked to the increase of likelihood for people to develop musculoskeletal disorders. Offering more intuitive furniture and more freedom of movement through sit-stand desks and agile work settings is an effective way to lower the amount of time people spend seated.

If you’re looking to provide the most fit for purpose solutions then monitoring your furniture set up and usage is a must. Speaking to your people and understanding what solutions suit them will help them to work comfortably, which more often than not leads to more focused and productive work.

With so many variations of furniture it can be a tricky task to find the correct set up. Working alongside a furniture specialist will give you the insight you need to invest in the right pieces of furniture that will aid productivity and give longevity.

If you haven’t reviewed your furniture in a while, then it might be a good time to start.