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30,000 sq ft


Global media & information


12 weeks

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Scope of works

The Workplace Partner has delivered an award-winning fit out for the prestigious international publishing firm, House of Hearst. Recognised by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) as “the future of work”, the project spans three floors and has sustainable principles and biophilia built into the heart of its design.

The space was designed to support movement, provide designated collaborative areas, and solo work options – all within a bespoke look and feel. Old materials were repurposed where possible, with existing plywood reused for all the new plant troughs.

Lush greenery is visible from almost every sightline across the floors, creating a beautifully balanced workplace with a strong connection to nature.  

Thanks to meticulous planning, The Workplace Partner delivered the project during an eight-week period. Feedback from our client and their people has been overwhelmingly positive, with teams enjoying their new and improved way of working.

Credit: Design – Ruff Architects

Photography – Rob Parrish