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4,000 sq ft


Patents and Trademarks


8 weeks

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Scope of works

PWF are one of the leading firms specialising in patents and trademarks across Europe, with offices in London, Leeds and Germany. With their lease coming to an end and a decision to make whether to stay and refurbish or move to a new space, TWP worked alongside their team to explore both options. A decision was made to renew their lease and completely transform the way that they work by implementing a flexible working week.

The brief required multiple private offices, an open plan working space, private booths and importantly, a large open breakout space for staff to congregate that they were lacking from their old design.

We wanted to push them out of their comfort zone with the design and worked closely alongside the management team to provide a space that would ensure staff were excited about returning to their workplace.

The result was a delighted client with excellent feedback from all the staff using the space.