Makor Group

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6,500 sq ft




6 weeks

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Scope of works

The Makor Group were established in 2011 and are comprised of several entities within the financial sector. They provide bespoke execution and advisory services to leading institutional investors in Equity, Fixed Income, FX and specialised strategies.

Relocating their HQ to a building in the heart of Leicester Square was decided on and the move had to happen quickly. The brief included multiple private offices for senior staff, a large open plan area to accommodate the team of traders, various sized meeting rooms and a tea point.

TWP were tasked with turning the project around in a short space of time with a set deadline that had to be met to avoid any potential downtime for the business. The team swung into action and delivered on time, working alongside building management to ensure all their rules were met and disruption was kept to a minimum.

A fantastic project for all involved and an extremely satisfied client.